Parents and carers of children at play

Parents and carers can make a real difference in ensuring a safer play environment for children.

Ensure children play safely – away from traffic

Parents and carers need to ensure that young children are never left alone to play near parked or moving vehicles.

Separate your children's play areas from driveways. Before moving a vehicle, check that no child is behind or in front the vehicle. Cameras or sensors on a vehicle can help, however you can't rely solely on these. It's important to always do a visual check around the vehicle.

Get into the habit of waving goodbye to people from inside the home.

Kidsafe Victoria has a useful driveway safety information sheet.

Ensure children wear correctly fitted Australian Standard helmets when riding a bike or wheeled toy

All cyclists in Victoria, and their passengers, are required by law to wear bike helmets when riding in public places such as roads, bike paths, bike lanes, shared and separated footpaths, recreational parks and car parks.

This is because research shows bike helmets greatly reduce the risk of head injuries, which are the major cause of death and injury to cyclists.

For advice on choosing and correctly fitting a helmet for your child, visit the VicRoads website.

Support children's riding skills development

For tips on introducing your children to riding a bicycle, visit the VicRoads website.

VicRoads Family Guide to Bike Ed contains information for parents on supporting their children's riding skills development, the need for correct riding gear and a safe bike, and safer places to ride.

View the new ThingleToodle television commercials. It promotes the importance of wearing a bike helmet when riding wheeled devices and adult role modelling.

27 Jul 2017