Parents and carers of Pedestrians

Parents and carers can make a real difference in ensuring their children are safer in the road environment.

Supervise your children on or near roads

It will take many years for young children to develop the skills and knowledge they need to be on their own in the traffic environment and to keep themselves safe.

Children up to about 10 years of age are at particular risk of pedestrian injury. This is because they are small in size, and are still learning to detect the presence of traffic and to judge the speed and distance of traffic.

So make sure that young children are closely supervised by an adult when in the road environment.

Visit the VicRoads website for tips on how to be a safe pedestrian and keep your children safe.

Walk with your children

Children, assisted by adults, need regular practice in the real road environment. Walking with children to and from school, around the block or to the local shops can help develop children's skills in the road environment.

As you walk together, ask children simple questions that encourage thinking and reflection, for example:

  • Where is the safest place to cross this road?
  • What do we need to do before we cross the road together?
  • Why do we hold hands to cross the road together?
  • When is it safe to cross the road?
  • What do we look for when crossing the road?
  • What sounds are we listening for when crossing the road?

VicRoads has produced two new road safety education storybooks and related apps by renowned Australian author Danny Katz and illustrated by Mitch Vane. Parents and carers can share the engaging books and free apps with their children to encourage conversation and learning about road safety.

For tips on how to help teach your children about road safety, view Primary school road safety education resources.

Be safe around the bus stop

When picking up your child from the bus, wait on the same side of the road that the bus drops them off and meet your children at the bus stop.

This reduces the risk of them running across the road to meet you without checking the road first.

Bus travel is one of the safest ways to travel to school, but it is important to help your children to learn how to stay safe on and around buses. Visit Stay Bus Safe Around the Bus Stop for tips.

13 Apr 2017